Ping Collector

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.
Eric Schmidt

Ping Collector, simply put, is a free community driven data gathering system for internet performance.

Specifically, it is a system of software that measures internet latency (round-trip time between messages) in the background, at set intervals of time and sends the measured data securely to a server. It measures latency by performing a process commonly known as a “Ping”. You can learn more about internet latency/ping in general at

If you have ever had sluggish internet, high latency could be the cause of it.

In the near future, Ping Collector will allow you to gather your collected data which you may use for research, complaints, or even praise. The goal of Ping Collector is to provide true as possible data for the analysis of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Ping Collector is only active/available for customers of Windstream’s Internet services.   As a new system, Ping Collector needs to get off of its feet with a manageable load. It is very possible for Ping Collector to scale to support multiple internet providers in the future. 

Ping Collector is only supported for Windows, currently. 

Interested in participating? Download the client now!

Ask for more information from
Report bugs via email to

Ping Collector will always remain free. But it does have its own maintenance costs. Feel free to donate below!



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